v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en
v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en
v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en
v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en
v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en
v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en

v6 - #vitaminsea - Template - en

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The template "v6 #vitaminsea" is the optimized successor of the fast bestselling template "allthewayssimple". The template was created after the lockdown with the increased longing for sea air and a walk on the beach. Programmed on Bootstrap 5, optimized in all its functions with the full drive to PageSpeed! The v5 was already optimized for all output devices, in the new version we have improved the responsive output on all devices again. The template now adapts perfectly to all devices, whether tablet, smartphone or PC.

The template is suitable for all types of shops. Thanks to its high functionality and yet minimalist design, it is possible to highlight products that have been cut out particularly well.

For the first time, the template is optimized for 2-column shops AND single-column shops, the product images can be used in square, landscape and portrait format. Product image 2 becomes the mouseover image in the category gallery at the same time. Shopping for the end customer becomes an experience with the new OFFCANVAS shopping cart combined with express purchase options through external providers.

optimized Bootstrap 5 template for highest PageSpeed

This Bootstrap 5 template for commerce:seo V3.6 offers the technical requirements to reach 100/100 in both mobile and desktop PageSpeed! Together with commerce:seo V3.6, the FAQ snippets will be active (if maintained) in addition to the review snippets, which will give an SEO-optimized page the full boost. The search engines will love you!

optimized loading times for the shop

mobile design - responsive ads? We don't understand the question!

optimized responsive templates for shop

commerce:seo has been using web-optimized shops for 10 years. It all started with our "Fluid Templates", as of today this template is prepared for all forms of devices. It doesn't matter whether it's a large TV screen, large PC screen, laptop, tablet or smartphone - the template always displays your shop optimally. The template meets all the requirements of the large search engine giant.

Product presentation - the chapter has been rewritten!

The product detail page has been completely turned upside down and optimized. Product image and price with the legal information is more prominent. The end customer can now find ALL additional information on ONE page without tabs. Thus, the product evaluation and frequently asked questions come more to the fore, just as the end customer is used to from the e-commerce market giants.

Product detail page and product variants

The usual display of up to five product images is integrated in the template, in the standard ...... NEW, you can easily increase to 10 images, because the image preview is now a StickySlider, the customer can scroll through the images . As you are used to from allthewayssimple, the display of the variant images is again optimally solved. As soon as the customer has selected variants AND an image of the variant has been stored, the variant image is also displayed instead of the product images. As a shop operator, this opens up completely new possibilities for product presentation and emotional sales promotion.

Product reviews - Google loves rich snippets

We have taken on the topic of product reviews again and made some optimizations, especially in the CallToAction area. Many experiences and wishes from a live online shop that has been collecting reviews for years, without external tools. We took the resounding success of the shop and the interactions of the customers as an opportunity to implement optimization in this template. Since Google now attaches great importance to the topic "Reviews", this will continue to push your shop.

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