V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287
V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287
V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287
V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287
V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287
V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287

V5 #allthewaysimple - Natur Template - en-287

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With this template, commerce:seo is once again breaking new ground. Based on the Pro flex template, we have again invested a lot of time and created a template that is actually quite simple from the outside, but very ingenious in detail. For the first time, images (sliders / teasers) are separated into mobile and desktop (from commerce:seo version 3.4). This creates the possibility for the mobile area to offer small images with less loading volume and loading time, thus further minimizing the loading time. This is already provided in the template.

Template created and optimized based on SEO tools

Templates from commerce:seo are known for modern standards such as responsive design based on Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. This means that these templates always adapt optimally to all modern output devices.
With this template, however, we have upped the ante, it is deliberately kept very simple and without frills, so special emphasis was placed on technology, speed and optimization. Our beta testers have been busy testing, suggesting improvements and we have fine-tuned it again. Compliance rates for SEO tools are close to 100%, meeting Google's latest requirements.

Product presentation in the foreground

In addition to optimizing the product detail page, we have also adjusted the display and arrangement of sliders and teasers. The product detail page was expanded by several containers, creating a responsive optimization that now ensures optimal display of the elements on all devices. A video window can also be created from the teaser function with a few tricks. Sliders and teasers can no longer only be used on the start page or in the content and categories - much more now on the product detail page and in the word cloud. Create shopping worlds now and use all the advantages and functions of the commerce:seo shop software. Create your own landing pages, only created for great SEO with all its tricks and emotional sales promotion.

Product detail page and product variants

The usual display of up to five product images is integrated into the template. BUT the display of the variant images is now optimally solved. As soon as the customer has selected variants AND an image of the variant has been stored, the variant image is also displayed instead of the product images. As a shop operator, this opens up completely new possibilities for product presentation and emotional sales promotion.

Product Reviews

We have taken on the topic of product reviews again and made some optimizations, especially in the CallToAction area. Many experiences and wishes from a live online shop that has been collecting reviews for years, without external tools. We took the resounding success of the shop and the interactions of the customers as an opportunity to implement optimization in this template. Since Google now attaches great importance to the topic "Reviews", this will continue to push your shop.

Merchandise stores

The layout of the shop is designed for one-column shops, but can also be switched to two-columns.
Since we are of course on the internet every day, the trend towards merchandising shops has not gone unnoticed. Above all, Youtubers and the self-producing trades with small but successful online shops rely on simple, fast and easy-to-use layouts. The allthewaysimple template has taken on the subject and is primarily aimed at shops with fewer than 100 products and a maximum of 6 main categories. Here it is important to create a merchandising shop with proper texts, logos and images that just works and has its main focus on the mobile sector!
Because how the traffic shifts when you are very active in the area of social media is obvious. Instead of the usual 60% mobile traffic, it quickly becomes 90% and more. With the allthewayssimple layout you are on the safe and fast side. For MORE success.

Two-column shops

For shops with more categories and many products, we have the option of changing the layout to be ambiguous. In this way, we open up the possibility for shops with more categories and many products to also use the advantages of the layout. Many categories can be used via the existing box functions AND the box extension can also be used to divide categories into subject areas.

High quality of the images - optimal display

In order to ensure an optimal display of the images, we have to do a one-time process for the history of commerce:seo and set the image sizes of the uploaded images for the first time!

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