Shopsoftware commerce:seo v4.1 Community Edition free

Shopsoftware commerce:seo v4.1 Community Edition free

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The free shop software with the SEO kick

Test our online shop software now for free with the commerce:seo Community Edition. It is extremely important to choose the right shop software, especially in the start-up phase of an online shop project. We would like to make this decision easier for you and have again provided a free Community Edition. This online shop software can be used free of charge and without restrictions, but it does not include all the functions of the purchase version (see below), but is in no way limited in terms of the basic scope (number of products, etc.). In order to be able to use all the functions of the online shop software, you should then opt for a purchase version, only then you have all the features to be able to work really effectively. You can get support for this version via the popular Community Forum, where you can find solutions and ask questions. The community members will be happy to help you professionally. You will then receive extended support from the Pro version, here you can then contact developers in the Plussupport forum.

Create an online shop for free - why?

We offer you the open source online shop software commerce:seo in a community edition to download free of charge. You can use it to start your own online shop in just a few minutes. The integrated installation is very simple and can be completed in just a few steps. A current responsive design (template) is already attached to the shop software, which can be individually designed in just a few steps using CSS. The supplied responsive template is optimized for all output devices and saves cumbersome mobile template solutions. You can use the online shop software free of charge and unlimited. If you want extended support or want to use the full range of functions of commerce:seo, we also offer commerce:seo as a purchase version. The free online shop software is aimed at anyone who wants to test commerce:seo first or just wants to start their own online shop. Our community is happy to help with tips to get the most out of your online store. With over 10,000 active online shop users, commerce:seo is one of the most popular shop solutions on the market. Due to the high performance and search engine-friendly programming, online shops based on commerce:seo always achieve good positions in search engines. Start your online shop quickly and easily now.

Features of the free shop software

- NEW PayPal Checkout
- including delivery service according to postal code Modul
- Professional online store in minutes
- no monthly costs and no costs for purchasing the shop software
- all data is not stored with you as with rental solutions, where the data is located at the rental shop provider
- modern, user-friendly responsive design
- simple and intuitive interface
- unlimited number of categories and articles
- Product attributes (color, size etc.)
- already integrated free payment modules such as PayPal, advance payment, cash on delivery and many more
- Free shipping modules integrated
- Connection to multichannel channels via magnalister (eBay, Amazon and many more)

Only included in the Pro

- 12 Months Plus Support
- Blog Module
- Variant System
- Tag Manager
- Manage redirects
- PDF invoices

The shop software with more interfaces

The webshop software also has countless interfaces that are of great advantage for professional online shop software users and save a lot of working time in some cases. Use this time to further optimize your web shop software and get even more sales out of your web shop. A big plus for informing your customers and keeping the search engines happy is the SEO-optimized and optimally revised blog with its own RSS feed. This results in countless opportunities to interact with your customers and prospects across many platforms. For example, integrate your web shop software into your Facebook fan page with a responsive template, push your blog content to your Facebook fan page, to Twitter, to Xing or even to your personal smartphone app.

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